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Interfaces is my latest project, it is by no means finished nor is it at this stage a design-project with commercial intent. It’s more a research exploration in using NFC as an interface.  I will soon post a more in depth post around my research, reasoning and conclusions. But for now, here is a lot of colourful pictures and a video!

The interfaces paper is now available to download, click image below to read or download.
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This prototype uses a slider to set one of three available modes, Normal (sound), Vibrate and Silent._DSC8051



As the alarm sounds you press the lever to turn it off. _DSC8015



Rotating the wheel adjust the volume level. _DSC7975



QI charger

Recently got a QI-charger for my phone I went for a super cheap £10 one, after a couple of days I couldn’t stand the ugliness of that huge white piece of plastic though.. So I decided to try something else out, after doing some experiments with different materials I came across a nice piece of cork. 30 minutes later and a prototype was born.

As of now it’s just a prototype, it’s quite bulky and finishing and detail is horrible. But this is definitely something I will look into further and make a proper version of. The look and feel of the cork is so much nicer than a piece of glossy plastic…

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So today I’ve been making a first prototype of a wireless version of the dock.
I started out by cutting a HP touchstone charger in half to make it smaller (and made my finger a bit lighter as well)…1

The hefty chunk of metal that adds that “premium” feel to the charger had to go, way to big.


DIY milling, and again my hand got a bit lighter…


everything fits into the prototype, so far so god…


unfortunately this little fella just says biz biz biz (when in fact it should be saying biiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzz)
Conclusion: The wood is to thick, anything more than 2-3mm makes it loose connection. This might end up causing me some problems… I might switch to a powermat system which if I remember correctly are stronger (but bigger).