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Interfaces is my latest project, it is by no means finished nor is it at this stage a design-project with commercial intent. It’s more a research exploration in using NFC as an interface.  I will soon post a more in depth post around my research, reasoning and conclusions. But for now, here is a lot of colourful pictures and a video!

The interfaces paper is now available to download, click image below to read or download.
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This prototype uses a slider to set one of three available modes, Normal (sound), Vibrate and Silent._DSC8051



As the alarm sounds you press the lever to turn it off. _DSC8015



Rotating the wheel adjust the volume level. _DSC7975




So what has happened the last couple of weeks that has been so very time-consuming that I haven’t had time to write here?, well, degree-show happened!
Show-building and the 3000 copies of our catalogue

The theme for the 2013 M/A/I/D show was “soft power tools”


My table

So that is what has happened, now to what is happening…

I will exibit my project at new designers starting on Wednesday, more about the event here:


So come and see me and my project including all three concepts there, the third one is still not properly written about here, but it will come..



and finally, I’ve started working on a follow-up project which will continue exploring the relationship between objects and interactions, the digital and analogue, things and people.



This project will however focus on a single technology,(can you guess which?) something Connected Interactions never intended to do.