Terracotta speakers

This is one of those ideas that just got stuck in my mind, something that i just had to try.

T2 copy

Turning a pair of normal terracotta planters into speakers. I liked how simple the idea seemed at first and as well the challenge of mounting all the parts inside something that completely lacks mounting fixtures.

T14 copyT15 copy T13 copy

The whole construction is tightened with the one bolt at the back, the blue rope self-adjusts to keep the tension in all sections.

T7 copy T3 copy T6 copy T5 copy T4 copy

T12 copy T11 copy T10 copy T9 copy T8 copy T1 copy



Click images for high-res. 








While taking a short break from working on “Interfaces” I wanted to just do some traditional straightforward product design. So I set out to design a pair of headphones. Not wanting to spend to much time on this I set the time limit to one weekend (after subtracting all the stuff “you have to do” it turns out a weekend is about 7 hours) and decided to design for Danish audio brand AIAIAI. All modelling is done in Solidworks, rendering in Photoview 360.

Note: Me and this this concept has nothing to do with AIAIAI and their views/opinions/products, this is just a concept imagined during my free time. You should however check out their awsome headphones at http://www.aiaiai.dk. I own a pair of TMA-1 and it is probably one of my favourite products. Ever.